YOGA-CHAKRASGet positive energy on your skin with the YOGA & CHAKRAS TATTOOS by MY MANTRA! The tattoos combine powerful symbols with the attributes of gold: For thousands of years this precious metal stands for love, wealth, hope and for the heating power of the sun. Wear these tattoos on your skin and increase your inner strength. Celebrate your beauty and enjoy life! Namasté. The seven chakras are centres of energy (transformers) and channel energy through your body. With the help of Yoga, you can harness this energy and achieve spiritual relaxation, bodily control and concentration. The function of the Om symbol is to open your spirit for meditation. Its effect is an elevation and expansion of your energy. The Hand of Fatima is worn as a magical defence against the evil eye and interpreted as a symbol bestowing blessings for power and happiness. Yin and Yang is simply the symbol for balance and equilibrium.