Golden energy tattoos are this year’s MUST HAVES!

The temporary golden tattoos from the Zurich label MY MANTRA are sparkly, shiny, sexy, playful and easy to apply. This year, powerful energy symbols such as the Flower of Life will be adorning bodies and accessories and inspiring all those who wear them.

The creators of the new golden tattoos from MY MANTRA are convinced that “whoever wears them will feel good”. The Zurich-based label has seized on the mega trend from the USA and is now bringing its own collection – with an added effect – onto the Swiss market.

Not only are the temporary tattoos a decorative form of body art, they also provide the wearer with good vibes, thanks to the various designs. These include many ancient symbols, such as the Flower of Life, a design that was created over 5000 years ago and can be found in all cultures. Force fields are created around such symbols, and this power is transferred onto the surroundings, the observer and/or the wearer and creates a positive effect. Even Ötzi the Iceman had symbolic tattoos on his chakras and there is a long tradition of painting or tattooing the skin with specific patterns in many ancient cultures. Combining the effect of these symbols with the attributes of gold – love, wealth, hope and solar power – and bringing them to the modern era seemed to be the obvious thing to do.

Fashionable embellishments for body and accessories

MY MANTRA GOLDEN TATTOOS are primarily intended for skin application. Forehead, hands, arms, shoulders, cleavage or chest, feet, legs, belly – these unisex tattoos know no limits! Make new creations with your own combinations. The tattoos also stick well on smooth leather and various artificial materials. Redesign your belts, decorate your bags, pimp your purses and more.

How to apply the tattoos

Cut out your chosen design and thoroughly clean the area where you want to apply the tattoo. Remove the protective backing and place the tattoo onto the skin; moisten and press firmly. Carefully remove the paper after around 20 seconds, and you’re ready to shine! MY MANTRA GOLDEN TATTOOS will adhere for between four and seven days, depending on where they are applied. The collection consists of twelve themes.

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MY MANTRA GOLDEN TATTOOS can be ordered online at and will be available in stores.

RRP € 9.90 / 7.00 £ per thematic sheet of tattoos.