RunenGet positive energy on your skin with the POWER OF RUNES TATTOOS by MY MANTRA! The tattoos combine the powerful symbols of the Germanic runes with the attributes of gold: For thousands of years this precious metal stands for love, wealth, hope and for the heating power of the sun. Wear these tattoos on your skin and increase your inner strength. Celebrate your beauty and enjoy life! Namasté. Runes are Germanic characters which are more than 2000 years old; their representations create deep imagery. The rune FEHU, for example, means “cattle” and symbolizes wealth, power and social security. On the other hand, the rune LAGUZ describes water, providing vigour and vitality and improving your intuition. The VEGVISIR, a runic compass, was once a navigation system used by Vikings on the high seas, guaranteeing a safe return. The symbol can be an orientation guide and spiritual leadership to you too. The HELMET OF AWE was meant to protect warriors and scare off the enemy. As a matter of fact, a legend says that those that carry the symbol between their eyes are invincible.