PLATOGet positive energy on your skin with the PLATO TATTOOS by MY MANTRA! The tattoos combine the symbols of the Holy Geometry with the attributes of gold: For thousands of years this precious metal stands for love, wealth, hope and for the heating power of the sun. Wear these tattoos on your skin and increase your inner strength. Celebrate your beauty and enjoy life! Namasté. Some forms of the Holy Geometry are as well known as „Platonic bodies“, and are the foundation of our Earth and hence of ourselves. These clear, bright, structured forms increase our well-being, alertness and concentration and in addition can be calming, collecting and focussing energy. Metatron’s Cube stimulates awareness and consciousness as well. The harmonic figure, which consists of circles and lines, brings you into contact with the intelligence of your heart and your intuition. Last but not least, the Merkaba establishes a connection to your soul and helps you to activate your personal protective shield.