The Golden Tattoos from MY MANTRA are really multi-talented. Now you can apply them to candles or leather accessories as well as your skin. The ORIENTAL HENNA symbols look great wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. They look particularly effective in the dark and on the dance floor under neon lights. Get the Glow!
Models, actresses and bloggers alike have fallen for the charms of Oriental Henna. And it’s no wonder – these tattoos are bang on trend and are sure to get heads turning.
Henna is a traditional form of body art that has been around for millennia. Over 5000 years ago, the pharaohs in Ancient Egypt decorated their fingers and toes with fine lines. Today henna is enjoying a successful comeback in a playful, mysterious and irresistible way.
The oriental symbols are said to bestow their wearer with happiness and health.
These henna tattoos will give your skin a magical sparkle and are reminiscent of the fairytale worlds of Arabian Nights. Dive into the world of Oriental Henna and be swept away!