love-&-Peace-vol-2Get positive energy on your skin with the LOVE & PEACE TATTOOS by MY MANTRA! The tattoos combine powerful symbols with the attributes of gold: For thousands of years this precious metal stands for love, wealth, hope and for the heating power of the sun. Wear these tattoos on your skin and increase your inner strength. Celebrate your beauty and enjoy life! Namasté. Adorn yourself with Love & Peace tattoos and send a clear signal: Love and Peace become a higher principle which accompanies you daily. Spread Love not War! – The wolf is an especially powerful animal. He loves freedom, is untamed and self-determined. At the same time he is clever and can adapt without losing his identity or limiting his freedom. Be like the wolf and follow your intuition. – Due to their hardness, diamonds stand for eternity, invincibility, beauty and power. They pass these values onto their carriers by transferring strength of character, willpower and self-confidence. – Birds spread their wings and rise into the skies. Seeing the world from a bird’s eye view means grandeur and freedom.