Flower-of-LifeGet positive energy on your skin with the FLOWER OF LIFE TATTOOS by MY MANTRA! The tattoos combine the symbolism of the flower of life with the attributes of gold: For thousands of years this precious metal stands for love, wealth, hope and for the heating power of the sun. Wear these tattoos on your skin and increase your inner strength. Celebrate your beauty and enjoy life! Namasté. For more than 5000 years the flower of life, consisting of 19 circles, has been well known as a strong symbol of energy in cultural circles all over the world. Egyptians trust its favourable impact, as well as spiritual authorities from Tibet, Japan and Greece. The flower of life supports you in eliminating blockades which hinder the energy system. Your life energy can flow again without obstacles and you sparkle with power. Get a piece of spiritual harmony with the flower of life in your everyday life! Furthermore, the magic symbol is often used as an aid in architecture, mediation or for energising water and food.