How do I apply my MYM tattoos?
Make sure that your skin is clean, dry and free of any lotions, creams or oils; otherwise the tattoo will not stick.

Firstly, clean and dry the area well. Cut out the tattoo with the protective foil leaving a small edge all the way round. Depending on where you want to apply the tattoo, it’s easiest if you get someone to help you position and apply it.

Remove the protective foil and apply the tattoo, sticky side down, onto the desired area. Press down firmly and apply a wet cloth to the white backing paper. Press the cloth onto the tattoo for around 20 seconds. Carefully remove the backing paper and gently pat the tattoo dry with another cloth. Tada! Golden tattoos look best after one or two hours, once they’ve had time to bind with the skin.

How long do MYM tattoos remain in place?
Your tattoo will remain in place for between 3 and 6 days depending on the condition of your skin and where the tattoo is applied. Be careful when showering and drying yourself! Avoid using soaps, lotions and oil near your tattoo and apply sun cream sparingly and carefully.

When can I apply MYM tattoos?
MYM tattoos can be applied wherever you want – be creative! You can apply them to your arms, hands and fingernails, to your neck and cleavage, to your back or around your belly button. They also look great on your face – for example on your cheeks and forehead for a really eye-catching look! Celebrate your beauty and post your cool tattoo photos on Instagram #mymantragold!

How many MYM tattoos are included on each thematic sheet?
It varies. There are usually 20–50 designs to choose from and they can be combined with each other as you wish.

Are MYM tattoos safe for my skin?
Yes, MYM tattoos are safe for your skin. They have been thoroughly tested and fulfil all European and international requirements regarding cosmetic products. If you have very sensitive skin, we recommend applying a small tattoo first as a test.

How can I remove MYM tattoos?
To remove a tattoo, apply baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil generously to the tattoo and the surrounding skin and allow it to be absorbed for around one minute. Carefully rub the tattoo away. Repeat if necessary. Finally apply some body lotion to moisturise and calm your skin.

Are MYM tattoos waterproof?

Yes, they are. After around 30 minutes the adhesive binds with the skin. After that you’re free to jump in the sea, the pool or under the shower!

Will MYM tattoos leave patches on my suntan?
Yes! But we think they look great. We call them kisses from the sun!

Can men wear MYM tattoos?
Of course! Even men want to wear universal symbols of energy! To ensure the tattoos stick well, we recommend applying them to less hairy parts of the body.

Can I buy MYM tattoos online?
No, but they can be purchased in various places. Use our retailer search to find a stockist near you.

How can I sell MYM tattoos in my shop?
Please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ordering and shipping: When will my MYM tattoos arrive?
Orders are generally shipped within one working day after receipt of your order. You should receive the tattoos within 2–4 days.