The Golden Tattoos from MY MANTRA are really multi-talented. Now you can apply them to candles or leather accessories as well as your skin. The FAIRIES & UNICORNS symbols look great wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. They look particularly effective in the dark and on the dance floor under neon lights. Get the Glow! A world of colours, wonders and poetry – this is the Fairies & Unicorns collection from MY MANTRA. Enchanting figures inhabit this fairytale world; they live hidden away from human eyes and preserve and protect the powers of nature. With a little imagination, we can see how the elves and the unicorns take care of the plants and animals. These mythical creatures embody the four elements. The delicate mermaid reigns over the water while the affectionate elves look after the earth. As a power animal, the mystic unicorn is connected with cleansing fire and the lively butterfly is the graceful representative of the air. The beings on the Fairies & Unicorns tattoos will add some magical charm to your skin that will make everyone swoon. Sweet and playful – because sometimes it’s good to open the door to a magical land once in a while.