The Golden Tattoos from MY MANTRA are really multi-talented. Now you can apply them to candles or leather accessories as well as your skin. The AMERICAN NATIVES symbols look great wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. They look particularly effective in the dark and on the dance floor under neon lights. Get the Glow! The Native Americans believe that a spirit resides in all things. It’s no wonder then that their symbols emit such positive energy. Furthermore, not only do they look enchanting, they also give their wearer a mysterious air. All the symbols included in the American Native tattoos have their own, special significance. For example, the dreamer keeps negative thoughts at bay and makes room for a happy spirit. The feather symbolises trust, loyalty, strength, wisdom and freedom. The circle is one of the most important Native American symbols as it has no beginning and no end – it is in constant motion like the sun, the moon and the Earth. All is life and people can learn something from all the things in the world – we just have to look more closely and listen. With the American Natives tattoos you will appear strong and independent; they are a real statement accessory.